Schreiner’s Iris Gardens – A Must-See For Iris Lovers

If you love irises, then a visit to Schreiner’s Iris Gardens will be a great experience for you. Their irises are meticulously maintained and complemented by comfortable grass paths and colorful benches. You’ll feel right at home strolling the grounds and enjoying their beautiful flowers. This place is a must-see in any iris lover’s list.

The business was first established by F.X. Schreiner in 1925. His sons took over the business after his death and searched for a climate that was hospitable to iris. They tested growing conditions throughout the country, shipping plants to various locations to determine the best climate and soil conditions. Eventually, they decided to settle in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley, which offered perfect soil and climate conditions, along with easy access to transportation and other amenities.

The Iris Garden is open from May 6 through June 5th. Visitors must buy tickets in advance. You can buy a dozen of fresh Iris stems at the gift shop. There is ample seating and restrooms. If you’re visiting during the busy season, you can even dine at the Mt. Angel Sausage Company food truck. If you visit during these times, make sure you get there early – before the crowds start to show up.

Spring in Oregon is a beautiful time to visit Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. They feature a variety of vibrant colors, so you’re sure to find a color that you love! There are plenty of other colorful flowers to see, as well, including daffodils and berry blossoms. If you’re in the area during May, you won’t want to miss the Keizer Iris Festival. The festival starts at 10:30 a.m. on May 20.

While the prices of the iris plants are high, they are worth the wait. The quality of the rhizomes is also high. Only one in ten has not yet developed a flower stalk after their first growing season. You won’t regret the purchase of these irises, even if you can’t see it for months after you buy it. In fact, the wait will be well worth it.

Visit Schreiner’s Iris Gardens

If you’ve never visited one of the world’s most famous iris gardens, you are missing out. For nearly a century, Schreiner’s Iris Gardens have been producing award-winning irises and dahlias. Their flower beds, adorned with countless colors and varieties, are an excellent place to go for a stroll. Whether you want to enjoy the flowers’ natural beauty or purchase them for a special gift, Schreiner’s is a great place to start.

After the founder F.X. Schreiner died in 1931, his three children continued his legacy and sought a warm climate to grow their prized irises. They shipped their irises to various parts of the country to test the growing conditions. After much research, they narrowed down their choices to the fertile Willamette Valley in Oregon, which offered ideal climate conditions and good soil. Additionally, the location is close to transportation.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can stop in the Iris Garden during spring. The displays are spectacular in May, so you should definitely plan a trip there. Tickets are $5 during normal hours or $10 during early morning hours. You should check out Schreiner’s Iris Gardens before the holiday weekend. While it may not be the most picturesque of settings, this Oregon attraction is worth the trip.

The company has been a mail-order source for irises since 1925. The catalog’s stunning images of irises will tempt you to purchase a beautiful irise. You’ll be tempted to purchase it all for yourself – you’ll be glad you did! After all, you’ve been waiting all winter to give your garden a fresh look. And the catalog is the perfect way to indulge in your irise passion.You can purchase the bulbs, too, and plant them in your own garden. Purchasing stems and bouquets of irises can be a fun way to commemorate an iris day. The blooms are approximately 7-10″ tall and come in multiple colors, so they’re perfect for gift-giving. For a few dollars a piece, a bouquet of irises can make a lovely gift.

The flowering season for irises tends to fall around May, just after peonies bloom. Our visit fell a few days past peak. Iris colors vary in saturation and color combinations, so you’re likely to find some unusual colors. Color combinations vary as well, and the iris petals are often in interesting contrasts to white. The color combinations and patterns are endless! So if you’re looking for an exquisite display, you should visit Schreiner’s Iris Gardens.

Schreiner’s Iris Gardens – A Photographer’s Paradise

If you’re in the mood for a beautiful and relaxing garden, you should visit Schreiner’s Iris Gardens. With its beautiful varieties of irises, this award-winning nursery is sure to delight you. This multigenerational family business takes pride in producing the finest irises and dahlias. Visitors will enjoy walking along the easy grass paths and resting on colorful benches.

This Oregon garden is filled with irises in May and is a photographers’ paradise. The gardens also feature complementary plants and have picnic areas. Schreiner’s Iris Gardens has special events every weekend to keep you busy during the spring months. Guests can enjoy the flowers and the gift shop while taking in the spectacular displays. The gardens are open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day, so you’ll have ample time to view and purchase the flowers that will delight you and your family.

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to take your family, a trip to Schreiner’s Iris Gardens is an excellent choice. Not only are the irises beautiful, they’re also very affordable. The only downside is the shipping time, but the wait is well worth it. You’ll be able to enjoy the irises, daffodils, and other beautiful flowers at a discounted price.

Schreiner’s Iris Gardens is located eight miles north of Keizer, Oregon. Visitors can view the Iris Garden from May 6 through June 5th. Admission is $5 during normal hours or $10 during the early morning. While the flowers are beautiful, the event is shortened due to last weekend’s rain. To experience the best in the Iris Festival, make sure to go before it rains.